Blackout Roman Blinds

Blackout Roman Blinds

Blackout linings are used to block out unwanted light from passing through the fabric. They are recommended for all bedrooms and rooms which require good level of sun blocking e.g. media rooms and/or south facing rooms. It will protect Roman blind fabric from rotting and will also prevent the colours from fading over time.

Blackout lining is also recommended if more delicate fabrics such as lightweight cotton, faux silk or taffetas are used to make your Roman blind . These fabrics have a semi-transparent nature, especially when daylight or bright sun are behind them, making the side seams, dowel tapes and operating cords visible when the blind is lowered.

Another example when blackout lining would be advisable to use is wide blinds.

If the blind is wider than a standard width (approx. 137-138cm) more than one width of fabric will be required. Fabrics will then be joined together with a neat seam which can be visible through the face fabric of the Roman blind if standard lining is used.

As well as preventing from the light passing through the fabric blackout lining will add a strenght and support to your Roman blind. This type of lining is a little thicker than a standard cotton lining, which is great, especially on wider blinds.

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