Thermal Lined Roman Blinds

Thermal Lined Roman Blinds

Thermal lined Roman blinds have an additional thermal layer inside the lining of the blind which increases the efficiency of its heat retaining ability. Thermal lining is made from layers of materials that are pressed around the film which reflects the light and heat coming from the sun when Roman blind is lowered, keeping your home nice and cool.

In the summer it can help to reduce the amount of heat getting into your room by up to 76%

In winter thermal lined Roman blinds will prevent from cold air entering the room by creating a layer of insulation between the window and the blind. They are an excellent way of increasing the energy efficiency in your home.

Like blackout blinds, thermal lined Roman blinds will block out the sunlight when you need it. Easy to use, they are an ideal solution for bedrooms, making the room dark enough for you to get a great night’s sleep.

As well as blocking heat and light thermal Roman blinds will also help to reduce the outside noise from entering making them a perfect choice for your home.

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